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FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha 6 released

The FLOW3 Core Team is proud to announce the sixth alpha release of FLOW3!

FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha 6 can be downloaded via

What's New?

The FLOW3 resource manager has been cleaned up and a new way of accessing package resources has been implemented. Instead of using getResource() (which has been removed) you should now use the "package" scheme with the native PHP file functions.

Routing in FLOW3 has been changed regarding case sensitivity. The default is now to leave case unchanged in user-defined route parts, check the documentation for more details.

Fluid has a new inline syntax now which replaces the "shorthand syntax" it used to have.

The ExtJS package now comes with ExtJS 3.0.0 and two new Fluid view helpers to allow easy use of ExtJS in your templates.

For a full list of new features and improvements please see our Changelog.


This time there were some changes that likely require you to adjust your code (sorry for that!) - a list of things to do is included in the Changelog.

Next Release

FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha 7 is scheduled for 4th of January 2010. We have not yet decided on a specific area to focus on in FLOW3. We will be working on TYPO3 v5 and whatever needs to be fixed and/or improved in FLOW3 will be done... Expect a release that is more solid than ever, if nothing else. :)

Your Feedback

We want to hear your opinion! What went well, what didn't? What features are you missing? Join our discussions in the mailing list, IRC channel and twitter ... Check out for ways to get involved and get in touch.

Get into the FLOW3!

Your FLOW3 Core Team


About FLOW3

FLOW3 is a PHP based application framework which introduces modern development principles such as Dependency Injection, Aspect-Oriented Programming and Domain-Driven Design to the PHP world. Its main goal is to take the burden of infrastructure coding off the developer and let him focus on the actual business logic. It is well suited for all kinds of standalone PHP applications as well as plugins for the upcoming version 5 of TYPO3.

Most popular PHP frameworks are in fact code libraries which put the responsibility for the overall concept on the developer. Although FLOW3 can be configured to fit most tastes, it comes with a set of intuitive conventions which allow for developing an application from the ground up in no time.