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TYPO3 4.3 Beta 2

The TYPO3 Core Team is proud to announce the second beta release of TYPO3 version 4.3. Since the previous beta version served as "feature freeze", this release is more focused on bugfixes than new features.

So, what's new in this release?

Important security fixes

This version includes important security fixes to the TYPO3 Core. A security announcement has just been released:

Backend improvements
Integrated Conditions for TSconfig

TypoScript conditions have been possible in the frontend for a long time. This release adds support for conditions in PageTSconfig and UserTSconfig so the same functionality is available in both the frontend and backend now. This powerful and flexible improvement is the only new major feature in TYPO3 4.3-beta2.

Improved Extbase and Fluid

A lot of work has been done in this release for the "Extbase" MVC framework and the "Fluid" templating engine. An enormous number of bugfixes and enhancements have been added.
The possibilities to override localization strings in TypoScript have been refactored and can now be found in plugin.tx_pluginname._LOCAL_LANG.
Furthermore, you can now edit nested objects in a single edit-form. The whole form framework has been supplemented with a request hash, which closes some potential security holes. Additionally, the shorthand syntax has been completely changed, which is a breaking change. If you already used, this feature updating the template files is necessary.
Find detailed information about the breaking changes on the Extbase/Fluid development page.

Improved Error and Exception Handling

The error and exception handling that was introduced in the previous beta version was reworked to add more flexibility. Backend errors are now shown using flashmessages and can be logged using existing TYPO3 options.

Improved Localization Handling

The appearance and behavior of localized records in the backend on copy, move and deleting records has been improved. Actions performed to a record in the default language will now concern the accordant localization records as well.

Improved Reports Module

The API to register status reports has been cleaned up and enhanced to be more flexible. Furthermore a new report has been integrated that shows all installed services (e.g. all authentication services) of the system.

More than 80 issues fixed

In addition to the previously mentioned changes, more than 80 issues have been fixed in the last 3 weeks. Two members of the TYPO3 Core Team have been paid from the TYPO3 Association budget for a specified amount of time to fix important bugs. In general these commitments brings us a huge step closer to a more stable TYPO3 4.3.

Next steps to climb the TYPO3 4.3 hill

Please test this beta release as much as possible, especially the new features from the previous alpha and beta releases and those described above! If you're using one of the new features in a project already and discover bugs, please report them immediately to!

If you're upgrading from a previous TYPO3 version, please be sure to execute the database analyzer and update wizard in the TYPO3 Install Tool.

Since we are still in the beta phase, no more features will be integrated and we will continue with bug fixing only. During the next few weeks, we will release one more beta version to deliver a more stable product. After that we will turn to the release candidate and the final version of TYPO3 4.3. This means that you can expect the final version to be ready by the end of November 2009.

For a detailed overview of the progress of TYPO3 4.3, have a look at the TYPO3 v4 Development Page, the bugtracker, and the ChangeLog. The list of pending documentation in the wiki describes the new properties and tells how they can be used.

You can download the packages at

MD5 checksums:

c755d67a8ee70cf0fd01a9071fdc0557  dummy-4.3.0beta2.tar.gz
2e78dc85cff04b9d67be85aaf3547ac2  typo3_src-4.3.0beta2.tar.gz

Rock on!