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TYPO3 4バージョン4.2.3リリース


2008-11-11 Michael Stucki <>
  * Fixed bug #5611: Frontend preview and simulate time is buggy

2008-11-04 Ingo Renner <>
  * Fixed bug #9681: the Wrap for forgotMessage in the subpart ###TEMPLATE_FORGOT### does not work (credits Steffen Kamper)

2008-11-04 Martin Kutschker <>
  * Fixed bug #9734: User selector in Web>Access doesn't work (thanks to Andreas Kundoch)
  * Fixed bug #9717: t3lib_parsehtml_proc removes valid attributes of SPAN tags

2008-11-01 Martin Kutschker <>
  * Fixed bug #8715: non-admins can not import pages from their own directory (thanks to Johannes Pieper)

2008-11-01 Oliver Hader <>
  * Fixed bug #9632: Multiple fileuploads into folders with special characters (umlauts) not possible (thanks to Marcus Krause)

2008-10-31 Oliver Hader <>
  * Fixed bug #9571: Additional condition required to check SSL status in class.t3lib_div.php (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  * Fixed bug #9659: TCEmain wrongly tests required input-type fields (thanks to Francois Suter)

2008-10-28 Oliver Hader <>
  * Fixed bug #9655: Call to t3lib_div::devLog() without key in index_ts.php (thanks to Francois Suter)
  * Fixed bug #9623: Flexform sections are not working anymore since is not loaded
  * Fixed bug #9664: EM fails on retrieving files of uppercase extension keys (thanks to Marcus Krause)
  * Fixed bug #9665: t3lib_BEfunc has a lot of hanging SQL record sets

2008-10-22 Stanislas Rolland <>
  * Fixed bug #5019: htmlARea RTE hangs while editing link in Firefox
  * Updated htmlArea RTE version to 1.7.7 for TYPO3 4.2.3
  * Fixed bug #9613: RTE uses JScodeLibArray to insert CSS

2008-10-21 Oliver Hader <>
  * Fixed bug #9553: Form validation script jsfunc.validateform.js sometimes fails in IE (thanks to Vladimir Podkovanov)
  * Fixed bug #9608: Frontend Editing does not work anymore

2008-10-20 Stanislas Rolland <>
  * Updated htmlArea RTE manual

2008-10-19 Michael Stucki <>
  * Fixed bug #9535: Folder icons in filelist file tree don't get skinned anymore (patch by Francois Suter)
  * Fixed bug #9497: Edit in Rich Text Editor - Button does not work anymore in Web>Page (patch by Oliver Hader)

2008-10-18 Dmitry Dulepov <>
  * Fixed bug #9480: Bug/cleanup: Enhance debug information with SQL data

2008-10-17 Dmitry Dulepov <>
  * Fixed bug #9498: Bug: EM "Check for extension updates" always warns about changes

2008-10-14 Martin Kutschker <>
  * #9501: Titles of content columns in classic page module doesn't take into account backend charset (thanx to Steffen Kamper and Vladimir Podkovanov)

2008-10-14 Dmitry Dulepov <>
  * Fixed bug #9523: class.t3lib_htmlmail.php produces null headers in HTML messages

2008-10-04 Dmitry Dulepov <>
  * Fixed bug #9522: t3lib_BEfunc::BEenableFields generates invalid SQL
  * Fixed bug #9469: Failed to load magic database

2008-10-08 Stanislas Rolland <>
  * Fixed bug #9516: htmlARea RTE: Move link tags to head